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Sesshions is a Digital Marketing and Advertising agency, which employs graphic artists and their creations, to carry out entertainment services, from “Live-Online” shows to a full Sesshions Web Series! Check out the Artists!


“Cellasi Tha Rasta” is Sesshions ENT’s main spokeperson.

  • “Stir da Pot”
  • “Kem ah Rasta”
  • “Rasta Ramblings”


“Gypsi Hustle” is Sesshions ENT’s secondary spokeperson and main Mascott!

  • “Puerto Rico pt. 1”
  • “Puerto Rico pt. 2”
  • “Cuban Link”
Sesshions ENT is a digital marketing and advertisement agency, working to protect at risk adolescense through Art and Expressions!

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